Consider this quote:

“’(D)ominant masculinity’ appears to be a naturalized relation between maleness and power … (t)hese stereotypical constructions of variable masculinity mark the process by which masculinity becomes dominant in the sphere of white middle-class maleness” (Halberstam, Female Masculinity 2-3).



Generally speaking how was masculinity performed in La Mission?


“Queer Aztlan: the Re-formation of Tribe,” Moraga

Within this essay “Queer Aztlan: the Re-formation of Chicano Tribe,” Cherrie Moraga explores many issues pertinent to a queer utopia.  Here Moraga engages our attention with issues of homophobia, sexism, and masculinity to imagine what a “Queer Aztlan” might entail.

My question is, how is a Queer Aztlan an instance of a queer utopia?